Keywords = Iran
The effect of Saudi ideological conflicts on behavioral tensions with Iran

Volume 13, Issue 46, June 2023, Pages 109-132


Abolqasem Qods; Hossain Abolfazli Karizi

The Foundations of the Iran-Saudi Arabia Struggle in the Syrian Crisis

Volume 9, Issue 30, August 2019, Pages 217-238


roohullah ghasemian; reza simbar; ahmad jansiz

The strategy of Saudi Arabia against the Islamic revolution in the civil wars of Syria and Iraq

Volume 5, Issue 17, February 2016, Pages 95-110

seyyed amir niakoee; ali asghar sotoudeh

Islamic Revolution of Iran Dynamics

Volume 3, Issue 8, January 2014, Pages 51-71

Ali Reza Bafandeh Zendeh; Asef Hajizadeh

The difference of army role in Iran Islamic revolution process and Egypt 2011 developments

Volume 3, Issue 8, January 2014, Pages 139-155

Mohammad Javad Harati; Mahmoud Zafari

The Place of Sayyid Qutb’s Thought among Religious Activists in Pre-Revolutionary Iran

Volume 3, Issue 7, September 2013, Pages 45-61

Mohammad ali Hemati; seyyed mohammad ali taghavi; morteza manshadi